Do the Earth a Favor!

tree wedding favorsInspire, promote and plant trees for a Greener Tomorrow. By giving trees as favors at their weddings, brides and grooms will set an example and possibly inspire their guests to adopt a greener consciousness. Together, bride and groom, friends and family will be responsible for planting a forest.

Did you know…

  • that one large tree provides daily oxygen for up to 4 people?
  • that one large tree can lower peak summer temperatures around the tree by 5-9 degrees?

tree-gift-favors_150Green wedding favors are attractive, unique guest gifts that create lasting memories while reducing your carbon footprint. You will be able to breathe more easily when you share your environmental consciousness with your guests.

Choose to re-use, reduce and recycle! Be creative, make it fun, and give it your own personal touch. Eco-friendly favors are reasonably priced and beautifully packaged; many contain excellent scientific information about trees and flowers to help grow amazing gardens and landscape features.

A few examples of green wedding favors:

  • tree seedlingsginger spice seed favors
  • tree seeds
  • flower seeds
  • herb seeds
  • seed kits
  • plantable seeded papers
  • beeswax candles
  • natural organic tea
  • honey
  • donations to conservancies or wildlife funds
  • recycled paper choices

Wedding favors are reflections of your personal choices and style; choose meaningful keepsakes, they create a lifetime of memories.

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One Response to “Do the Earth a Favor!”

  1. Mary Says:

    I think these products are amazing.
    The packaging is so beautiful and earthy. Thank you

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