Potted Plants as Wedding Centerpieces: a “Growing” Trend

Bring Mother Nature in and inspire your guests with living potted flowers and herbs.  The remarkable thing about using plant centerpieces is that they are a growing symbol of your new life together, inspirational for your guests and project your eco-commitment from this day forward.

gerbera daisy centerpieces

Gerbera Daisies are our favourite potted plants because their brilliant colors pop on the reception tables. Forget-me-nots, roses and lavender are attractive centerpieces. These flowers work well because they are a popular nursery plant which makes them easy to find. Rosemary and basil are wonderful potted herbs and are guest favorites, with an abundance of “green” points due to their culinary popularity and familiar scents.

Advantages of potted plant centerpieces in your wedding:

  • They are surprisingly affordable from your local florist / nursery or can be planted far in advance
  • Potted flower or herbs as centerpieces are unique table name/number holders
  • There is no risk of the flower getting fatigued with weather and sitting for long periods of time.   They can be arranged days in advance, avoiding the last minute rush.
  • Plants can be placed in decorative containers and finished with complementary ribbon to complement your colors or theme.
  • They are available in a massive selection of colors, sizes, shapes that can tie in with the overall style or theme.

Flowers and herbs embrace the “something green” trend in 2010 as we become more aware of the natural world around us. Complement with eco-friendly seed favor guest gifts for a wedding they will remember forever.

For more green wedding ideas, visit www.treebeginnings.com.


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