Reasons for Choosing a Green Wedding

Society places a lot of pressure on brides and grooms to uphold certain traditions, but your wedding should be a reflection of you as individuals and as a couple. If protecting the environment is a cause that’s dear to your hearts, why not incorporate that into your wedding plans?

Each year, over $72 billion is spent on weddings in the United States, with the average wedding costing in the neighborhood of $20,000. When you buy goods and services from “green” businesses, you send out a powerful message to other companies who are less socially responsible.

When you choose a green wedding, you are declaring not only your love for one another, but your love for the planet and your commitment to minimizing your environmental footprint. If you let everyone know your intentions, you may inspire others to take similar actions in their own lives, but even if you keep it quiet, you can feel good, knowing you’ve done your part.



One Response to “Reasons for Choosing a Green Wedding”

  1. Alex Says:

    I love the idea of green weddings, we are giving tree seedlings to our guests and I hope they all have big trees in 20 years.

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