Green Weddings a Hot Trend for 2010

There’s no question that green weddings are going to be more popular than ever with brides and grooms who are tying the knot this year. I know, you’re probably thinking, “Of course you’re saying that – you’re in the business of selling favors and other items for environmentally friendly weddings,” but there are plenty of experts backing me up!

Seeded place cards recently released their predictions for the top ten wedding trends for 2010, and Earth-friendly “I Do’s” was number 3 on their list.

This is confirmed by Stylish Wedding Ideas, who stated,

“The eco-chic trend is very now and is going nowhere: being ecologically conscious and applying that to your wedding couldn’t be more chic… a trend that is surely going to explode in 2010.”

Jim Love, publisher of Premier Bride DFW, was quoted in the Dallas Morning News as saying,

“Going green is no longer a trend, but a normal influence in the way weddings are taking place.”

Your Wedding Company summed it up nicely by declaring,

“Going green is important in almost every area of life including weddings. Many couples are choosing organic fabrics, flowers, food and invitations, etc. In the event of global climate change, making green and sustainable choices helps our environmental crisis tremendously. Decisions that lessen the amount of carbon emissions promote sustainable practices, support local businesses, foster community and worldwide health and longevity. Let’s hope this trend is here to stay!”

There are plenty of ways you can introduce green practices into your wedding celebration, including giving your guests favors which they can plant, such as flower bulbs, tree seedlings, or flower seeds, or which they can eat, such as teas, honey, or jam, as well as using eco-friendly centerpieces, guest books and place cards. For more information about these and many other options, please browse our website or give us a call at 1-888-315-7333.


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