Ideas for Your Spring Wedding

Spring is traditionally a very popular time for weddings. Seeing the earth coming back to life after the dreary winter months sets the perfect tone for the beginning of your new life together.

Spring weddings are also the ideal occasion for giving flower bulbs or seed packets as favors, as your guests can take them home, plant them right away, and begin watching them grow soon afterwards. This will provide them with lasting memories of your special day, while the growth of the flowers represents the growth of your love.

Bulbs as wedding favors

The gladiolus is an excellent choice for spring planting. A symbol of faithfulness and honor, it blooms in the summer, thrives in the sun, and tolerates a wide range of soils. They come in an incredible variety of brilliant colors and make a very attractive cut flower.

Lily bulbs are another popular wedding favor. A symbol of purity throughout the world, the Lily is an enchanting flower that represents hope. Lilies are hardy perennials that can be planted indoors or out, and which blossom in 8 weeks time.

Both gladioli and lilies are attractive guest favors that can be planted in the spring and will last a lifetime.

Daisies, forget-me-nots, and Love-in-a-Mist are all beautiful flowers grown from seed that are suitable for spring planting.

The daisy symbolizes innocence, is a classic perennial and a garden favorite. It blooms from late spring through the summer months, and grows to 3′ high.

The tiny blue forget-me-not is a biennial which represents devoted love and is another traditional favorite.

A charming annual symbolizing eternity, the Love-in-a-Mist is an ideal wedding flower representing a new beginning that will never end. These delicate blossoms are long lasting, and once established they will readily self-seed each year. With blooms in shades of white and light-blue this ground cover will create memories for your wedding day to last a lifetime.

These are just a few of the many ways you can introduce nature into your spring wedding! Feel free to contact us for further information or product samples.



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