Exciting New Herb Favors for Your Spring Wedding

I am very excited to introduce the newest additions to our line of Plant a Memory Seed Gift Eco Box Favors. Chives and Garden Thyme Herb Seed Eco-Gift Box Favors are now available, just in time for your spring wedding!

Plant a Memory Seed Gift Eco Box Favors

Herb seed kits make beautiful party favors for your special guests, who can plant them inside and then move the plants outside for a bed of aromatic green.

Chives are known for their flavorful thin, green leaves and pretty purple edible flowers. A culinary staple, chives are an excellent choice for new herb growers because they grow quickly and produce abundantly. The delicate onion flavor of chives is perfect for almost any savory dish, and the pink florets are pretty and delicious when scattered in a salad.

Winds of thyme, known for its graceful elegance and fragrance, flourishes in sun, making a beautiful groundcover. Thyme is appreciated as a versatile culinary seasoning, easy to grow from seed. Thymes thrive and are most flavorful when given lots of sun. Thyme has long been a symbol of bravery, and is valued for its antiseptic qualities. Its leaves are rich in oils and create a powerful antiseptic, beneficial in healing lotions and salves.

These nature-inspired seed favors are made entirely from recycled materials. A terra cotta clay pot is nestled inside the box with a soil pellet and a packet of seeds, and the box is finished with a raffia tie. All of our Seed Box favors include a gift card which is printed on recycled paper, personalized with your names and date, and imprinted with a special greeting and a poem.

Earth-friendly favors help fight global warming and encourage a greener tomorrow.


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