April is Green Weddings Month!

I was delighted to log into my Twitter account this morning and see @dreamgreenwed‘s suggestion:

As we start the celebrations for Earth Day, let’s declare the month of April #Green #Wedding month!

Count me in!

Eco-Beautiful Weddings

To kick off this special month, I’d like to tell you about an exciting new magazine dedicated to environmentally friendly weddings. Each quarterly issue of Eco-Beautiful Weddings, which launched this past winter, contains over 100 pages of valuable information and dazzling photography to help brides and grooms plan an eco-friendly wedding on any budget.

Unlike other bridal magazines, in keeping with the “green” spirit, Eco-Beautiful Weddings is not a printed publication, but is only available online. Not only does this minimize the environmental impact of producing the magazine, but it keeps costs down, so they can offer it to you at no charge. In addition, each issue includes several free eco-giveaways from products used in the magazine.



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One Response to “April is Green Weddings Month!”

  1. Oliveaire Says:

    We are doing a workshop for brides on producing green events this month. Any additional tips you can give us at olivia@oliveaire.com would be great!

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