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How to Show Your Commitment to the Environment

April 8, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I suggested that your business give away plantable items such as tree seedlings, tree seeds, or flower seeds in eco boxes to commemorate Earth Day. It’s important, of course, to realize that caring for the environment isn’t restricted to one day each year.

eco-friendly business cards
Take my business card, for instance. The flower petals embedded in recycled paper clearly demonstrate my commitment to the environment. Even more exciting is the packet of seeds stapled inside. Each person who receives my card also gets a chance to create a lifetime of “growing memories.”

You too can build meaningful relationships with your customers by showing your environmental consciousness. These eco-friendly business cards can be customized with your own logo and special message, and you can choose from any one of 10 different tree seeds or flower seeds.

Why settle for ordinary business cards when you can give your contacts something truly beautiful and unique which also helps the planet?

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What’s Your Company Doing for Earth Day?

March 25, 2010

Earth Day is less than one month away. Is your business doing anything about it, or will it be just another day at work?

If you haven’t already, Earth Day is the perfect time to introduce practices such as switching to eco-friendly cleaners, recycled paper and other supplies, and compact fluorescent light bulbs. There are countless ways for organizations to reduce their carbon footprint, and every little bit helps!

Corporate Gifts for Earth Day

It’s also the ideal time to spread the news about your company’s commitment to helping the environment.

One way you can do this is to give away green-themed corporate gifts, such as tree seedlings, tree seeds, or flower seeds in eco boxes from Tree Beginnings. All of our products can be customized with your special message and your business logo.  Say thank you with green gifts and inspire your associates, employees and friends.

Help us live greener, give a tree, plant a tree, enjoy a tree.

How About a Green Birthday Party?

January 13, 2010

Children today are so much more conscious of the environment than our generation was. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to reinforce that awareness by encouraging green practices in every area of their lives.

Watering Can Press has a free downloadable Greening Party Guide which describes ten possible activities for children’s parties. One suggestion is “Chew & Chat,” where kids learn about the origins of the ingredients used in the food they’re eating.

Of course, a green birthday party wouldn’t be complete without eco-friendly favors from Tree Beginnings, such as our plantable seeded cards. Our beautiful nature-inspired favors are created 100% from nature with recycled paper. Give a gift they’ll remember forever!

The Green Challenge

December 10, 2009

I stumbled upon an interesting post on Our Wedding Plus: The idea is to pass on three ideas about how you try to minimize your impact on the environment, then tag 5 more bloggers to carry it on. Here are my three:

  1. My business, Tree Beginnings, is dedicated to providing brides and grooms with earth-friendly favors for their special day.
  2. We use recycled paper containing at least 30% – 100% post-consumer waste. Inks are vegetable based whenever possible.
  3. At our house we recycle everything, we  have a list of places things can go: paper is shredded for packing material, clothes are passed down to relatives or given to charities. We frequent the reuse center and try to find what we need there before we buy anything. My husband even has his own personal compost bin behind the shed  in the backyard.  compost.

I’m tagging the following bloggers:

  1. Janet Barclay
  2. Adrilia V. Pedersen