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Love-in-a-Mist Seed Favors for Your Fall Wedding

July 21, 2010

Are you planning to “go green” at your fall wedding? Do you love the idea of plantable seed favors, but are worried that it’s the wrong time of year for planting? Worry no more! Some annuals thrive and even sprout earlier in the spring if the seeds are sown in the fall, including Love-in-a-Mist.

Love-in-a-Mist Seed Favors

Love-in-a-Mist is a very pretty plant with a romantic name, lacy foliage and charming light blue and white flowers. Once established, the flowers will self-seed every year and produce an amazing ground cover.

When you order your favors from Tree Beginnings, your guests will receive a sealed packet of seeds along with a terra cotta clay pot and a peat pellet, nestled inside a box made entirely from recycled materials and finished with your choice of pink, royal blue or oatmeal raffia ribbon. Each gift is accompanied by a personalized imprinted paper card with a thank you message, poem, and growing instructions.

Be sure to watch this blog over the coming weeks for lots more autumn wedding ideas!

“A flower touches everyone’s heart”

Georgia O’Keefe

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A Proposal Story

July 14, 2010

Kathi and Alex contacted me recently to order some gerber daisy seed favors for their wedding. Kathi explained that gerber daisies were her favorite and had a special significance for the couple. She also gave me permission to tell you what that special significance is, and I think the following photos say it all…

Kathi and Alex

Kathi and Alex

Here’s a photo of the happy couple:

Kathi and Alex

Thank you, Kathi and Alex, for sharing your special moment with us!

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Don’t Get Stressed Out About Planning Your Green Wedding!

July 7, 2010

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do in your life, but along with the excitement comes a certain amount of stress as you try to work out every detail. If you’re afraid that trying to minimize your wedding’s environmental impact will add to that stress, you need to read this article by wedding planner Amira Harris.

bride and groom

Green is the New Black – Stress Free Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

You’re getting married! Yay! Now, what?

Planning your wedding can be a lot of fun. It can also be a great big giant headache. There are so many things to consider, feelings to protect, and your own happiness to pursue. What do you do first? How do you prioritize?

First of all, relax. Take a deep breath…and release. There. Much better.

So you want to have an environmentally friendly wedding – an Eco Wedding, if you will. But how do you go about planning one? Is it possible to have the wedding of your dreams without doing so much damage to the environment that there won’t be anything left for your children’s wedding?

The answer is a resounding YES!

And the best part of having a Green wedding? You save money! What could be better than having a dream wedding while saving the Earth and fattening your wallet? Maybe eating a whole lot of chocolate without breaking out or gaining weight – but that’s a whole different issue.

Back to the topic: Stress-free eco wedding planning. Right.


Daisies for Your Summer Wedding

June 1, 2010

The daisy represents loyal love, innocence, and purity. The positive attributes it represents, along with its beauty and simplicity, make it a popular choice for summer weddings.

Shasta Daisy

Accented with a terra cotta pot, recycled paper box and original card, and finished with your choice of daffodil yellow or oatmeal raffia ribbon, our Shasta Daisy Flower Seed Eco-Gift Box Favors make stunning reception table decorations.

The exclusive personalized card, made from handmade paper, has a daisy motif and the bride and groom’s names and wedding date on the front. On the back is a message which reads “Thank you for sharing our “growing Memories”.

Tucked inside is a packet of Shasta daisy seeds which your guests can plant indoors or out to produce an abundance of flowers and create “growing memories” of your wedding day. The inside of the card is imprinted with planting instructions and a poem, as shown below

Shasta Daisy Flower Seed Card

Your guests will truly enjoy this unique keepsake to commemorate your love and celebrate your new beginning!

For a complete floral fantasy, why not add a potted or cut daisies to your reception tables?

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Sunflowers for Your Summer Wedding

April 28, 2010

Spring wedding season is upon us, and summer is not far behind! Can you think of anything that represents summer better than the sunflower?


This beautiful flower is highly decorative, with small centers and petals that range from pure gold to gold with brown. A true sun worshipper, its head follows the sun as it crosses the sky blooming in the summer.

In the botanical world, the sunflower (Helianthus annuus) has a primary meaning which is gifts of radiant warmth. How perfect for a party theme! Considered happy-go-lucky flowers, sunflowers are often linked to loyalty and longevity – perfect sentiments for your wedding day.

To help you incorporate the beauty and symbolism of the sunflower into your special day, Tree Beginnings has added two new products to our line of eco-friendly wedding favors.

Our Sunflower Seed Eco-Gift Box Favors are made entirely from  recycled materials. The card is personalized with your names & date. A terra cotta clay pot is nestled inside the box with a soil pellet and finished with your choice of oatmeal, yellow or terra cotta salmon raffia ribbon.

Your other option is our Sunflower Secret Seed Garden Seed Favors. These favors measure 3″‘ x 3″‘ inches and consist of 2 pieces of paper, your choice of cover design, and personalized translucent paper. The corners are folded like a box and the seed packet is secretly stored inside.

All of our green wedding favors are personalized and contain a special thank you message for your guests.

Light-enchanted sunflower, thou
Who gazest ever true and tender
On the sun’s revolving splendour.
– Pedro Calderon de la Barca,
Magico Prodigioso (sc. 3),
(Shelley’s translation)

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