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Garden Seed Favors for Your Spring Wedding

March 3, 2010

Have you ever gone to a wedding and received some kind of trinket as a memento of the occasion? It may have been made of glass, wood, or china, and whether it was attractive or not, it probably wasn’t something you wanted to display in your home. So you either put it out anyway, out of courtesy to the bride and groom, tucked it away in a cupboard somewhere, or tossed it in the trash.

Is that something you want to impose on your wedding guests? I don’t think so!green garden seed favors

If you’re environmentally conscious, you’re probably looking for ways to incorporate eco friendly practices into all areas of your life, including your wedding. Sure, you could just scrap the idea of handing out favors, but you don’t have to! There are all kinds of ways to give your guests a keepsake that, instead of ending up as landfill, will actually keep on growing – literally!

Our green garden seed favors are very popular for spring weddings. With flower seeds embedded in handmade paper, these one-of-a-kind guest gifts are made from all natural botanicals and designed to be planted completely in the garden. They are paired with an elegant, imprinted 100% recycled paper insert, finished with a raffia tie, and will stand up on your wedding reception tables for an added touch of elegance.

These earth-friendly flower seed party favors will recycle, becoming part of the garden as the flowers bloom year after year. Shower your guests with the love you share and the beauty of flowers!

To learn more, visit Tree Beginnings or call us at 1-888-315-7333.